Kid Icarus: Uprising: My thoughts of the game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
I just completed this game not too long ago and I really enjoyed this game. It was a great idea for the Kid Icarus series to finally come to the US. I got this game and Mario Kart 7 as my first two Nintendo 3DS games. I'm really glad I got this game. So, let's start with gameplay. The gameplay in Kid Icarus: Uprising utilizes the sylus, L Button and Control Stick. You use the Control Stick to maneuver Pit around. You use the stylus to target enemies. You use the L Button to attack. The gameplay is a little difficult to get into, but once you get used to it, the gameplay becomes fun and engaging. There are a variety of weapons for Pit to use. You can use everything from a Sword to a Staff. I used the Sword most of the game, since the Sword is the easiest weapon to work with, since it has good firing power and melee power. After you complete missions, you can keep the weapons and skills you earn from the mission, or you can convert the weapons into hearts, which are the money in the game. If you feel comfortable with the weapon(s) you have, it's best to convert the earned weapons into hearts. You can also fuse weapons together to make a stronger, or weaker weapon. I found the weapon fusion to be useless, since I can just buy stronger weapons from the arms shop. As you're playing the game, you get to hear really hilarious dialogue from the characters. I really enjoyed the characters in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They were very funny and had witty personalities. There are a bunch of corny jokes in the game; I don't know if you would laugh at those. I laughed at them. Kid Icarus: Uprising has a great storyline. Pit, with guidence from Palatenia, has to go on tough missions to kill Medusa. Only after you defeat Medusa, Hades appears and now Pit has to go on more missions to defeat Hades and save Earth and Heaven. The story can be a bit emotional at times. I had a great time with story; I don't know if any of you did? I never played the Multiplayer, since I don't play Multiplayer and I still have not completely figured out my Nintendo 3DS's internet set-up. So anyway, if you own a Nintendo 3DS, you should definetely buy this game.