Uprising is exactly what the 3DS needed. Great story, multiplayer, and replay value, Uprising doesn't stop delivering.

User Rating: 10 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
I honestly didn't know what exactly to expect from Uprising. And yes I saw the trailers. Yes, I was aware of how the game played back in the '80s, but I don't think anything really prepared me for what I got. At first glance, Uprising just seemed like another game with some bad jokes here and there, you know campy humor, but as I played through the game I generally laughed out loud numerous times and was just having so much fun with it. There was just so much to this game that it just overwhelmed me with joy. I fell in love with Uprising because of its wonderful twisted characters, constant breaking of the 4th wall jokes, and generally awesome and challenging gameplay. I can safely say that it was one of the few times in my life that I felt like a kid again. I was enjoying myself so much, and loving every bit of the story that I just wanted to keep pressing forward. But every story has an end, and soon enough I beat Uprising before I knew what happened.

While I can't say it got dull after beating Uprising, I can say I wanted more of whatever was just served to me. I can't really remember how I had so much fun with these cast of characters, and certainly couldn't tell you the last time I heard a cast of voice actors that good. But nevertheless the magic Uprising provided me with it's wonderful story appeared gone, but only to arise was a different magic in multiplayer. Ill be frank, I'm not one for the whole multiplayer online, co-op, team versus thing in any kind of game, but for once in my life I was hooked on it. There were just so many things to do for multiplayer, and it was all worth it because of how incredibly balanced Light vs. Dark felt. I found myself spending hours on end just figuring out which weapon were best for me. Then I would fuse an even better weapon to gain an upper hand on the field, or place different modifiers on it, or even figure out which weapons would make a better weapon, and the risks and rewards of making said weapon.

Uprising consumed my life with multiplayer, and it didn't even end there as I went out to a couple of the meet ups at Gamestop to get some of the Kid Icarus cards and play a few local battles. As well the soundtrack always kept me pumped, and listening to it never got dull. Really the game offered so much to me, and the only thing that was ever wrong with it was the horrible land controls. But changing land controls to a button lay out simply made the problem nonexistent, and I enjoyed Uprising even more because of it. Uprising was just the best kind of game a system can hope for, and certainly is the best game on the 3DS to this date. Heck, Uprising still has a hold on me because I'm still playing it to unlock all the achievements it has.

Conclusion: Uprising has everything you could ever want in a game: charming characters, wonderful jokes, some drama, great gameplay, multiplayer, fusion systems, achievements, amazing soundtrack, and even a bloody card game. With only bad controls going into the pile of, "what uprising needs to fix" I'd say it's a win win of a game!