Uprising's control scheme may be awkward, but stick with it, and you got a winner of a game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
People have been asking for a new Kid Icarus game since....well for a while. We had the NES game, we had one on Game Boy. Now we have something completely different. Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS.

How can one game give off such a good impression when you start it? Well, Kid Icarus Uprising literally starts off with a bang, and keeps you hooked all the way through. The story is great. So great that its hard to come up with some sort of plot summary. (Due to some certain plot twists so early in the game!) However, it takes a while to get up on its feet. As it tends to drag for about 9-10 chapters.

But i will say right now, this game is filled with humor. It's one of the funniest games i've play in a long time. The characters have a certain personality to them, though I don't really like how Pit turned out. He's a little on the whiny side. However, since this character had zero personality before, I won't complain to much.

The game plays a lot different than it predecessors, this is a Shooter/Action game. On-Rails, and Off-Rails. Not to say its bad...in fact, it kind of works. It's fun blasting enemies, and the boss fights are fantastic.

However the main problem that you'll notice immediately is the awkward controls. In on-rail sections, you move with the circle-pad, shoot with the R button, and aim with the touch screen, now thats ok. But with the off-rail sections, the game has you move the camera around. As well has move, shoot, and aim with the same controls mentioned above. And that get a little awkward to handle. That is why the game came with a 3DS stand, and it broke immediately when I got it!

It also has a difficulty setting, a let me tell you, Have your difficulty set to 5 or more, because below that...it's too easy (Man, what is it with Nintendo games being easy lately?)

The graphics are great for a handheld console, the 3D makes it look even better. The soundtrack is fantastic. The game, like i mentioned earlier is filled with humorous moments. The voice-acting is surprisingly good...Well, good for a Nintendo game. (Hey, it's better than what Other M had, There's no denying that!)

If you have a 3DS, and you haven't got this. I say give it a buy. Uprising's control scheme may be awkward, but stick with it, and you got a winner of a game.

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