Great action game play and has a creative story with clever use of numerous themes/plot twists and visually striking too

User Rating: 8.5 | Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS
Kid Icarus Uprising is one of the most fun action games I've ever played.The game is like part rail shooter and part full on action game.It's a Japanese game and is part of a series that has also appeared on the NES and Gameboy.

It's story is influenced a lot by Greek mythology and although it has a colorful,charming art style it's story is quite dark and involves gods in conflict with each other and has a focus on genocide and has some creative plot twists and takes place in more places than just the Earth(even in places around the galaxy)and focuses on philosophical issues and has numerous interesting characters.You'll play as an Angel named Pit who needs to go on a journey to save mankind and to fight against crazy gods/goddesses and help the good god/goddesses and he'll need to find where these gods/goddesses are and will need to stop some of them doing bad things that could include genocide and he'll fight more types of enemies(I don't want to say what they are because it will spoil the story)as well as mythological creatures and the story will go in directions you never thought it would.

However I must admit the story is a bit hard to follow because it uses short cut scenes for such a complex story.Nethertheless,I found the story entertaining from the plot twists and surprises and philosophical issues and for it's use of darker themes such as genocide.

The game definitely shines in the game play department,like I've said it plays part like a rail shooter and part like a full on action game.The rail shooter segments involve flying around and obviously you'll be shooting enemies/projectiles and trying to dodge enemy projectiles and what makes it fun is the franticness and high level action of the rail shooter segments,you'll need to move quickly to dodge enemy attacks and you'll need to aim quickly and accurately.The game play segments which I referred to as being like a full on action game are when you're on the ground and you can use melee attacks or shoot enemies and you'll need to dash out of the way of attacks and just like for the rail shooting segments,the segments when you're battling on the ground require you to move out of the way of enemy attacks quickly and aim and shoot quickly and accurately as well as using melee attacks to your advantage.

The controls take a bit of getting used to because you'll use the thumb stick to move and the touch screen to aim and you'll need to hold down L1 to shoot and it's a bit awkward at first but you'll see how such a control scheme works well with the speed of the game play and helps everything feel fast and flowing.

Pit can choose from many different types of weapons including a bow,drill,blades,cannons,clubs,weapons that can crush enemies or use electricity,claws and many more and each weapon has advantages/disadvantages.You can upgrade the weapons as well as fuse them together,Pit can use powers such as brief invincibility,health recovery,instant death attack on enemies etc. and you can upgrade Pits stats such a health and defense too.

Interestingly,you can choose from a wide range of difficulty levels and the higher difficulties give you better weapons or you can play the game on easier difficulty levels but with weaker weapons and there may be other rewards for playing the game on higher difficulties but I'm not sure what they are.

Visually the game looks charming and there is some breath taking uses of the colors purple and tinges of yellow and pink for sky effects as well as typical blue sky with puffy clouds and areas with charming grassy plains and beautiful desert dunes and areas with beautiful blue water and when you're on foot the the ground based levels there's ancient Greek style influenced buildings.The visuals also use nice anime influence for certain characters and they're designed in a lovely way such as Paluntena's long green hair and lovely dress style etc.The cut scenes do a good job of having a nice blend of a cartoony feel mixed with CGI life like effects.

The music and sound go well with the game play and English voice overs are decent for a Japanese game.

Overall,this game is a great game in many ways,it's game play definitely stands out and it's story is creative and uses numerous different concepts well and it's a lovely game from a visual standpoint.