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I've only done a few matches online, but I'm really getting my a$$ handed to me. I've only played through 4 chapters of the single player, so I guess I don't have any of the good equipment yet?

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Get beam claws with paralysis will kill
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I don't necessarily know how to help you. I would suggest that you experiment with various weapons until you find the one that works for you. As for Pittoo's advice, you can always try it and see if it fits your playing style. As for me, I'm getting averages of about 1300 points per game with a Volcano Arm witha petrification bonus. It is all a matter of opinion. That's why each of the nine different classes exist. I myself am better at using melee weapons in general. You may be better at ranged. And if all else fails, just use solo play to find a weapon that controls well, then take it into online play and see how it works differently. And one last little detail... Configure your abilities to create a combo with the weapon you use. For example, since I play melee a lot, I have to get close to enemies without getting blown to smithereens. To help this, I use a transparency ability which obviously lets me turn invisible and sneak up on enemies. An all-purpose ability that I got fairly early is Auto-Reticle. This withh do some of the aiming for you, freeing your thought process on firing. And whatever you do, don't give up. It is frustrating at first, I know. It took me a while to find my arm that I love so dearly. (Ironically I won it from a multiplayer match) And believe me, I know the feeling of getting your ass handed to you on a silver platter. I just used the above steps and now I'm an online juggernaut. It is all a matter of preference.
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in LvD i use a laser staff value 304 with freezing and i just snipe and i get at least 1700 points per match. the problem is staffs arent good for quick escapes and its melee is terrible. but my advice for online play is to test out all kinds of weapons until u find one that matches your playing style then select powers that complement that weapon. mega laser is a must for LvD players becuz if u use it at the beginning of the match u will probably do some damage to all of your opponents at once
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This may not apply to you, but I'm better at Ranged shots. Bows and Staffs are very reliable for ranged attacks. Bows also get more powerful the more it travels! Since Forward-Dash-Charged-Shots are the most powerful, combine it with a bow and you get devastating power! If your value is high enough, then you may get 1 hit kills right from the start! If you don't have a high-value weapon, then you can play a chapter again on a higher intensity. It might not give you a high-value weapon at first, but if you keep trying, you can get a whole BUNCH of powerful weapons! But remember, the higher the value of your weapon in LvD, the more life your team life bar is taken away when you're defeated. Like most people say, experiment with different weapons and find the one that suits you best. Find the powers that suit you best, as well. Powers like Mega Laser and Reflect Barrier are good for keeping enemies away. Why don't I train with you? My friend code is 0259-0876-2077! Please reply with your friend code and I will help you! -Icarus