When does this game end?

User Rating: 8.3 | Kid Chameleon GEN
Kid Chameleon is one amazing game! I play it on my Plug in and Play Sega Classics system. No wonder this game is considered a legend, there are so many levels that it is hard to keep count. Not only that, but that dude's transformations are wicked! From a samurai to an axe thrower, I had fun with all of his transformations. I'd say the sound isn't the best part of this game, but it is still good and it suits the areas well. I keep on playing this game and I ask myself, when does it end? I've never seen so many levels on an old game! This has to be KC's strongest quality handsdown.

If you liked this game in the past, I recommend that you buy a Plug in and Play Sega Arcade Legends system at Best Buy for $20. Incredible game!