Not so much a videogame as it is a visual experience that compliments the work of Radiohead perfectly.

User Rating: 9 | Kid A MNESIA Exhibition PS5

I'm writing this review while listening to Radiohead, because this game made me instantly want to go back to the band's wonderful catalogue of music.

I don't know if I'd classify Kid A MNESIA Exhibition as a videogame, but more so a visual art piece that compliments the Kid A MNESIA album. For context, it's the rerelease of Radioheads Kid A and Amnesiac albums, featuring new and unreleased content. While recording these albums, artistic pieces were made to accompany the music, and that's what this is, a visual tour through these pieces of art accompanied by the music it represents in what I'd consider an art exhibit format.

This experience is around two or so hours in length, depending on how closely you look at all the tiny details that're scattered throughout the world. You can move around, but that's pretty much it. You can't really interact with much, aside from walking into certain things that'll react to you, and there's no enemies or things you can even pick up. This alone will turn some people off I'm sure, but trust me when I say it's an experience worth taking part in, and it's free to boot.

This is an absolutely mesmerizing piece of work that ranges from beautiful to creepy and unsettling. Some exhibits you can just walk through, view and appreciate it, others are more interactive, you'll find yourself feeling like you're flying through the art itself. The music accompanying these moments makes the whole experience all the more surreal.

Maybe I'm biased as a Radiohead fan, but I love their choice to allow us to experience this in videogame format. It really proves more than anything how artistic gaming can be. And for a band that's been around as long as Radiohead, it means a lot as a gamer that this is the medium they chose.