Why video games are great.

User Rating: 10 | Kerbal Space Program PC
Games like this. Games like this show the breadth of gaming. From Halo to Elder Scrolls to KSP, Interactive Media now reaches all corners. This is hard to call a "game" in the way we use the word today, but it amoung the most fun Ive had all year.

If you have any interest in space, rockets, engineering, flying, ect, YOU MUST PLAY THIS GAME. The are no limits, make a giant moonbase, crash a space shuttle into the sun, put a probe in orbit around the farthest planet, or just crash stuff into the ground in a desperate attempt to make a space plane without reading tutorials on how to do so.

This is the next minecraft. Endless creative, moddable, and limited only by imagination, KSP is a triumph of video games. I love it, every minute of it, even when I accidentally de-orbit my space station, Im smiling as it goes down, and saluting the brave Kerbals who gave their lives in the name of science.