like thinking, science and space exploration? then this game is perfect! chalenging and very rewarding!!

User Rating: 8 | Kerbal Space Program PC
I love this game, i've been playing the betas for a while now and i'm in love with the way it makes me set my own goal and then think, plan, build and fly my way to it. there's just something magical and super rewarding about building your own multi-stage rocket (probably many times due to inefficient and oftentimes explosive builds) and then launching it to orbit and using (relatively straightforward) rocket science to fly it to the moon or another planet. your own ambition is your limit! you can spend days launching multiple parts of a complex space station and assembling it in orbit, send a rover perched on a gigantic rocket to explore the surface of another planet or just put a satellite in orbit of your home planet. you can build planes, rovers, satellites, orbiters, landers, space stations, rockets (the platforms for flying any of the above except planes) all the while having to consider the length of your journey and stuff like the presence or not of an atmosphere and it's density in order build a vehicle suitable for landing in such conditions. It's just a complex, challenging and super rewarding game based on scientific principles that will grab you if like me you like astronomy, rocket science and space exploration.