Game spot made it look okay but it is more than okay

User Rating: 9 | Kenka Banchou 3: Zenkoku Seiha PSP

The good stuff:It is an awesome game though it was hard to find. This game you are supposed to beat the game multiple times til you mastered it and I beat it my 3rd time and I still have more to go. Each time you beat the game takes about 4 hours.
It is an open world game taking place in a small town is Japan and your on a class field trip. You get to customize your person, fight other people, and if you want get a girlfriend.
The graphics are not bad but not very good but you get used to it, it makes games with great graphics look like the best graphics.
It is a funny game so if you want a few good puns to say to people so you sound funny I would recommend this game for you.
The bad stuff:The controls are a little sticky but you get used to it.
Its background has very little noise and the only noise is cars stopping, people screaming,and your menchi beam (Find out what that is in the game).

I am now done with the review and I hope you buy the game because you will probably enjoy this game so bye