If you like eye lasers and banana suits you'll love this game!

User Rating: 9 | Kenka Banchou 3: Zenkoku Seiha PSP
Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble is a game where your character strives to become No. 1 bancho in all of Japan while you and your classmates are on a 7 day field trip to Kyouto. When in Kyouto you and 40+ banchos are all fighting to become the top bancho, when engaging in a fight with a bancho a mini-game starts up where you and your rival fire laser eyes at each other proceeding with some smash talk where you have to Quickly memorize a phrase and then select the right phrase from a list of others. The fighting itself can be fully customized and when you beat a bancho you learn his special attack and also get his phone number so you can call him when you need help in battle with other banchos. Your character's appearance is also customizable from dreadlocks to a giant banana suit, you can also choose to partake in field trips with your class that usually end up with you fighting more banchos. While roaming the streets of Kyouto you'll run into thugs who when beaten will drop itineraries that let you know where their bosses are hanging out. When the 7 days are up you have the option to replay the game with all the skills and items you obtained from your previous game.
I found this game to be highly enjoyable and am still playing it now, It's definatley worth a look just for the fact that Atlus and Spike have made a game that does'nt take itself too seriously and just wants the person playing to have a fun time. I hope this review has helped anyone thinking of buying the game.