Acutally manages to turn the exciting sport of man vs. nature into something dull.

User Rating: 3 | Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer XBOX
I had thought this title would be a challenge. With a top name like that, and the alluring image of a day on the waves, the game sure was tempting. I plucked it off the shelves at the rental place and hurried home to get it going.

Less than an hour after I started, I was at once happy that I'd saved myself from an actual purchase, and nearly ticked enough to demand my money back.

Talk about your easy-to-beat games! There is hardly a trick you won't discover within a few minutes of pressing Start. I earned so many kudos in the practice rounds, I thought it was broken.

Then I progressed into the regular game, and the same thing happened. With just a few flicks of the buttons, I was able to make the surfer do everything necessary to rack up the points, leaving the only challenge to be when I was going to get tired of this and shut it off.

Really, a day at the beach is much better.