Tony Hawks Pro Skater fans be warned! This is not as it appears to be!

User Rating: 5.5 | Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer PC
First of all, if youv never played one of activisions boarding games then go pick up Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4, even if you like surfing. This game sucks and is nowhere near as good in comparison.

Those who have played a Tony hawk game, this does not even begin to amount to the greatness of the series, Especially since THPS4 came out this same year, which is held to be the best in the Tony Hawk franchise. But i Digress, The easiest way to explain this game is what it doesnt have.

-Cant get off board
-No sights to see
-All levels look the same. Just water and waves
-You can not move around. you are sucked into riding along one wave the entire playthrough.
-No player creation whatsoever
- About 8 characters, about 6 with a second outfit option.
- "Special Meter" is BullS**t, the only way to get it full is to land "perfectly" or brainlessly double tap face buttons. you lose the entire meter if you land "sloppy", not even a full fall.
- Some tasks in levels are extremely frustrating because the water will sweep you away from certain Non-surf related objectives
- Horrible and tedious side tasks.

Do yourself a favor and pass this game, unless you are a diehard Kelly Slater/Surfing fanatic, this game is not for you. The depth of this game you could find for free on websites like