KSPS is not a good port for teh GBA.

User Rating: 1 | Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer GBA
Well like my review for THUG for GBA, I got the GBA pack that has THUG1 and KSPS on I cartrige. So I played them both for a while every so often I would get mad at this game and play THUG for a few hours. So basically there is no creative use for this game. I have beaten it, surprisingly, and was still not impressed with the game. YOu can do very little tricks and you crash very easy. Also with very repetitive gameplay and chopy graphics don't help along with that crazy sounding guy when you bail. I have had the volume turned off since that day and all I remember is that he screams at you a lot. Yep thats how long that its been since I've had the volume on. So if you are a huge Surfing Fan and you like the Kelly Slater series on other ports, just stick with the PS2 or whatever the other ports are. Peace out to my RANdom self. (Random is my word since I am very random and I spell it RANdom) I put the Dumb in Random!