Fast Paced Fun and a Deep Story

User Rating: 9 | Katana ZERO NS

The first time I heard about this game was on it's release day, but I am a huge sucker for pixel art games and the cyber punk setting really caught my attention. I went ahead and picked this game up and finished it today.

It's a short game, but every minute of it is a lot of fun. It's fast paced, has a cool time slowing mechanic, and I loved swinging the sword at the right time to deflect bullets back at enemies for a kill. It is a ton of fun to go through a level, learn from your mistakes, then execute perfectly. Watching the replay of your success makes you feel like a hardcore ninja. You really do have to execute perfectly, too as if you get hit one time you die.

The story is pretty dark, but it is also pretty deep. I had a lot of empathy for the characters in the game and the dialogue options may not add a whole lot, but they make you feel like you give personality to the main character.

I really hope we see a sequel to this game since the story ends quite suddenly. Regardless, it leaves a lot of narrative to explore and it would be cool to have another game go into more detail as to what the main character's story is.

Katana Zero is a really fun game, check it out if you like pixel art games and fast paced combat.