One word . . . "TRIBUTE"

User Rating: 8.5 | Katamari Damacy Tribute PS3
"What's the bottom line?"
Gameplay [S]
Controls [A]
Story Line [B]
Graphics [A]
Voice Acting[S]
Soundtrack [S]
Replayability [S]
Immersion [S]

Add 31 of the best levels from all the past iterations of the Katamari series, plus, 3 entirely new levels to spice things up. Add to that a remixed soundtrack, the return of classic Katamari "flavored" cutscenes, and a new mechanic and you have Katamari Forever.

One word comes to mind when I think of this video game, "Tribute". The game has most if not all of the greatest previous levels and songs that have been specially remixed. The two past releases: "Me and My Katamari" and "Beautiful Katamari" have sadly been without all of the creative, wacky, insane cutscenes indicative of the first. Luckily this one has brand new movies. This is an awesome collection of everything fun about the series with some fresh things thrown in the mix.

GAMEPLAY is the same fun of the previous Katamaris, but with the new abilities of jumping and a special item allowing you to suck up objects around just by getting close to them.

CONTROLS are tight and responsive, except for the old problem involving small environments and the camera becoming occluded.

STORY LINE involves the same crazy characters from before and carefully maintains the odd flair of the original game. This game won't intrigue you with a deep plot, but it will make laugh for sure.

GRAPHICS must be judged from the same angle of the overall series, which is very stylized. This game has a few different filters that change the graphical style, but half of Katamari Forever involves a black and white tone, making it difficult to navigate.

VOICE ACTING as always involves a sound akin to a dj scratching a record. This is a staple of the series and jives with atmosphere.

SOUNDTRACK is a collection of all the favorite songs, but remixed to feel fresh yet familiar.

REPLAYABILITY is great. 100% collection, cousins, presents, eternal mode, and fast-drive mode give you plenty to do after finishing the story.

One of my biggest disappointments with Katamari Forever results from the level choices. While I enjoyed the past worlds, the three new experiences left me wanting more, much more. They were so creative and original that three just wasn't enough. Second, but much less important, was the multiplayer. The game lacks online interaction. It includes the classic split screen play though.

Overall, Katamari Forever stays very close to the original formula. If you are either a huge fan of the series or a newcomer, this game is worth it. Unfortunately, if you have played the others you may want to avoid this one, due to overlap of the previous. I personally view Katamari as comfort food and greatly enjoy the unique experience it brings. An 8.5