A refreshing visual treat. It will be your new hallucinogen of choice

User Rating: 8 | Katamari Damacy Tribute PS3
I just got my copy of Katamari Forever last week and I haven't been able to put it down. Since I never really played Beautiful Katamari on the 360, most of the content was new to me. Though some Levels were vaguely familiar from the first game, this game stands out as one the most brilliant and distinctively Japanese games I have ever played.

The gameplay is pretty simple. Using primarily the thumb sticks, you control a ball. mostly everything that is smaller than the ball can be rolled up into a clump (katamari) and add to it's mass. You start off small, rolling up thumbtacks and sugar cubes until you're eventually rolling up cars and trees. The fun doesn't stop there because eventually you get so big you're rolling up mountain ranges and astrological phenomena.

This is all done in full 1080i where there may be thousands of individual items in your katamari. The color palette is rich and the dialogue is just plain ridiculousness. A wonderful piece of eye-candy. The music is catchy as well

Overall, there's enough game modes and variety to keep you coming back for more, but the gist of the game is rolling up katamari. It's a fun, cathartic experience that I would recommend to anyone.