A throwback to all the good things the Katamari series has brought us. A bit too recycled, but c'mon, it's Katamari!

User Rating: 8 | Katamari Damacy Tribute PS3
Katamari Forever, yet again, comes sweeping in (or rolling, rather) to build up another nation of followers on a PS3 exclusive release. The idea of this game was to pay homage to Katamari's previous incarnations, taking the favourite levels of fans, and mixing them up with new levels. More rolling action!

Katamari veterans might be a little bored by this game. Again, this is essentially the "Best of Katamari." If you own and played every game, you'll quickly realize that half of Katamari Forever is just a recycling of the old. However, the game boasts a few new levels to pique your Katamari interests, along with all your favourite Cousins, and a blatantly weird J-Pop story as always. The graphics are absolutely phenomenal, and a feature allows for plays to switch the graphic styles from "classic," to cel-shading, wood, and others. An online leaderboard allows for competition on the big ol' internet, and of course there's room for some good ol' fashioned sit-down-with-your-buddy multiplayer fun.

And let's not forget the music. As another tribute, all the old songs have been redone and remixed, with lots of electronic and 8-bit jubilant along with the expected bubblegum J-pop delightfulness. And c'mon, it's Katamari! This is one of the simplest, funnest games on the market these days, and it's all kinds of fun. Let it absorb you.