Although katamari is still fun & addicting, Forever takes levels from previous entries & adds little substance.

User Rating: 6.5 | Katamari Damacy Tribute PS3
Katmari Forever is more of a collection of the best level from the previous Katmari games; the majority being from Beautiful Katmari. While the game can be fun and addicting, there is barely any innovation to the series. In fact most of the levels are taken from previous installments.

The main story... It's not important. The King of All Cosmos is teaching The Prince how to jump when he gets bonked on the head and loses his memory; The Prince then builds a Robo-King who takes the place of the king. This is the setting of Katmari Forever, and it sets up the two types of mission you will play in the game. The King's missions are all in Black & White, Once you roll up items The King will regain a little bit of memory and the object rolled up will be colored. The Robo-King missions are more taditional Katamari-esque. The Robo-King will designate a set diameter for the katamari and it's your job to try to surpass that goal.

The Prince has two new tricks up his sleeve; he can now jump, and there are "King Shocks" that absorb all surrounding items into your Katamari. But this is it in terms of new ideas for Katamari Forever. The rest is the same rolling up a bunch of junk and collecting, and collecting is the main thing in this game. There are tons of presents, cousins, and items to fill up your katamari and you'll be replaying the levels again and again trying to get them all. There are some problems you may encounter when playing such as the camera which can get a little screwy at times, turning may be a little slow for your liking especially when time starts running thin, and occasionally your katamari will get stuck in a corner and it will be a pain to try to get it out.

The game is not long to complete, but after you beat Katamari Forever you unlock new modes. There is Drive, Eternal, and Classic. Drive allows for a faster speed and a shorter time on the clock; this really livens things up; it's a great addition. Eternal eliminates the clock and you're allowed to freely roll and grow without any constraints. Classic takes away the "King Shocks" and jumps. These modes really pro-long the game although replaying the levels over and over again just to unlock a new mode where you then replay the level over again can become tedious.

The game looks pretty nice, there are 4 graphic filters that you can use for the game Cell Shading, Colored Pencils, Wood Grain, and Classic. After you complete a level you can choose the filter of your choice. However the draw distances and pop-ins are pretty horrendous. This game doesn't push any limits on the PS3, but it doesn't look horrible. The music is a staple of the series and the weird J-Pop returns; songs do repeat rather frequently though.

If you're a die-hard fan of the series, or have not play any of the previous 3 titles then I recommend Katamari Forever. It's a quirky game that offers a different experience. It's a shame that there are only 2 brand new levels in Katamari Forever. The majority of the levels come from older titles in the series which sucks if you've played We Love Katamari or Beautiful Katamari because that is where most of the levels are taken from; however, there is still fun to be had with this game and the charm is undeniable.