Recycled content dolled up to look new.

User Rating: 3 | Katamari Damacy Tribute PS3
I'm a fan of this series and have played every game to date. As such I was able to recognize 90% of these levels from other Katamari games. They didn't just copy the level maps, the levels are identical: same objects same level starting points same music. The small amount of new content was boring and derivative. It should say in bold print on the cover "THIS GAME CONTAINS ALMOST NO NEW CONTENT".

Why has this franchise not been given an actual update since the first game? They haven't even bothered to give the graphics a decent overhaul. They still have the incredibly annoying king constantly jumping up in the middle of the screen and interrupting you mid-level. It's time that this concept was given an actual sequel instead of an endless series of mediocre expansion packs. Until it does, I will be staying far away.