New graphics on a new system don't make up for the lack of new substance in this disappointing update to the series.

User Rating: 5.5 | Katamari Damacy Tribute PS3
I had high expectations for Katamari Forever, seeing that it is a PS3 game, and seeing how We Love Katamari improved over the first Katamari Damacy. However, those expectations were crushed after playing for just a few minutes.
This game has a similar feel to the others in the series. You control the Prince while he rolls his Katamari around collecting hundreds of random items and growing larger and larger, all the while listening to catchy music and enjoying the flashy graphics. There is a rudimentary plot that neither makes sense nor is memorable in any way, but rather serves to connect the varied stages. There are several types of stages ranging from trying to get your Katamari as large as possible in a set amount of time to feeding a sumo wrestler so he's heavy enough to defeat another or lighting a rolling ball of flames so it is strong enough to light a bon fire. All of the stages are fun and challenging, but with the exception of a few stages, they are almost identical to the previous title. It also seems like the difficulty has been ramped up quite a bit to the point that if you don't know 'exactly' which direction to go in certain stages, you could find yourself rolling around a Katamari that isn't large enough yet to pick up the items that are all around you. Combine that with a tight time limit and you end up frustratingly replaying some of the earlier stages over and over again just so you can unlock some more stages to play.
Yes, the graphics are pretty, the scope gets impressive as your Katamari grows, and the load times are significantly improved from prior episodes. However, the quirky control scheme and poor camera angles have not been improved at all, the stages have mostly been seen before, and the lack of a true co-op mode to play through the story stages with a friend make this a very disappointing foray into an otherwise fun series of games. There are enough items scattered around and goals to be met for some good replayability, and there are now online leaderboards that might make some people continue to play through the game, but overall this game didn't do it for me.