Katamari Forever is another wonderful enjoyable game on the PS3

User Rating: 8 | Katamari Damacy Tribute PS3
Welcome to Katamari forever which know as in Japan called Katamari Damacy Tribute. In this game you have 34 levels some are brand new and some are the previous Katamari. If you haven't play the previous games probably this game will be right for you.

In Katamari Forever King of All Cosmos had amnesia, you the prince with his cousin decided to make King of All cosmos robort but this roboking destroyed the planet once again. You have two stories to finish one you have to retrieved All cosmos memories in order for him to wake up, while the other storyline you have to built back the planet that the roboking that he destroyed.

This game is very enjoyable, fun and addicting video game for the PS3. The graphic did improved quite a lot. But the controls sometimes can be tricky when moving around the corners. The storyline is funny as always, the music is also great for the game.

If you like this type of games pretty much Katamari is a great game to be pick up. This game will not get old and you will probably want to pick up every unlockables for the prince and collect all his cousins as well.