Beat your way to honor and victory.

User Rating: 10 | Taisen Karate Dou ARC
This game was simple, and not just in the graphics. Your job was to carry out a mission similar to the Bruce Lee film 'Game of Death,' namely, to fight your way past deadly enemies in a castle and finally to take down the boss at the top. In the way stood countless identical henchmen who could attack you or pelt you with barrels, throwing stars and assorted other pains; trapdoors that caved way just when you really needed to cross a floor; snakes, locked doors and so forth. By today's standards, it looks plain and simplistic, but don't let that fool you; it did take some effort to beat, and you got some praise from your friends if you made it to the high levels.

The title made inroads as a highly popular effort when it was released for the home system as well. This secured the status of fighting games as a mainstay of the video world.

No matter how many high-falutin' games come out, Karate Champ remains fun and charming.