A port to the classic Karate game that was popular in the '80s…sweet!

User Rating: 8 | Karate Champ NES
I used to always watch my older cousins; Abram and Derek play this game on the Nintendo trying to best each other by hoping the other would make a mistake. They made the game like Paper, Rock, Scissors; hoping one would counterattack the other because of the other's wrong move.

Story: N/A
- There is no storyline because it is just a karate sports game, and the primary objective is... competition. One tries to best the other in the world of self defense.

Gameplay: 8/10
- The gameplay consists of a two dimensional fight between Karate characters wearing white and red gi, followed by various bonus rounds for the successful player. This pattern repeats itself in the next, more challenging round set against a new background. Unlike later fighter-type games, there are no health bar or hit points. A hit successfully landed ends the round and earns the player or his opponent either one point or half point (along with a numeric score for the top ten but this has no effect on winning a match though). The first to score two points is the winner. So the gameplay is good, but the control scheme is sort of difficult.

Graphics: 7/10
- The graphics are okay for a Nintendo game. The backgrounds are what give the fight a more interesting feeling.

Sound: 7/10
- The sound effects are funny though when you get hit by the other fighter because it does not sound like somebody getting hit at all, it kind of sounds like waterfalls hitting a rock. The music is great even though you only hear 2: The main menu and the music before a fight.

Overall, I give this game an 8 out of 10 because the game is just what I like anyways, Karate.