A true fighting game.

User Rating: 7 | Karate Champ C64
Karate Champ was one of the first fighting games ever. And it's a true fighting game. No magical powers, metrosexual characters, and one good kick or punch will knock you on your ass. Karate Champ is pretty simple, two competitors get into a ring and fight karate style until one of them goes down in a shameful heap. You are either the guy in the red, or the guy in the white, but I think if you're playing single player mode you have to be the guy in the white. You can perform basic punches and kicks on your opponent, as well as block. The first player to inflict a solid strike on their opponent will win the match, to which you get to experience the glory of one of the first uses of voice synthesis in video games as you're declared the "Winner!". I'm not sure, but I think the best strategy in the game is just pure buttonmashing.