Well Done!

User Rating: 8.2 | Karaoke Revolution Party GC
Hey yall its D12World20 here with another review. Prepare yourself this is the biggest review I have done yet. Today im doing Karaoke revolution for the Nintendo Game cube. When you first see the menu theirs allot of choices ranging from mini games to party modes and just plan regular karaoke. When you buy this game it come with a black microphone that can be uses with other Game cube titles. You can pick a wide variety of choices on what to do. First is quick play mode when you can pick your character and just do a song of your choice. Speaking of the characters you can pick allot of things to customize the character with. From what your body looks like what clothes you wear, accessories even full body characters. Also as you progress in the game you can unlock certain articles of clothing. But as you progress you can’t unlock allot of songs. I have played the game allot and I have only unlocked 2. The song selection is good from everything from some of today’s hits with things ranging from the 80’s and below. But allot of the songs are meant for more older audiences that know the stuff. While u sing you have to range your voice to hit the bar to earn points to unlock stuff. You also have certain records you get with the points. Their are three main albums you get. 10,000 points = gold record. 20,000 points = platinum record. And 50,000 points = diamond record. The scoring system works from a percentage like great, good, ok, poor, and such. Theirs also 2-player mode where too player can play together or go head to head with points. It gets a little stupid when you keep having to pull the mic out of the memory slot to save the game gets a little annoying. The mini games are pretty fun although theirs not allot. And karaoke mode is just the same only you aren’t playing for points. That’s all I can think of. Thanks for reading yall!