Konami creates a game no one can resist for the GameCube!

User Rating: 9.6 | Karaoke Revolution Party GC
Karaoke Revolution Party is a very fun, state of the art, marvelous singing game. Featuring 50 different songs with it's own style to sing from. You will get addicted and be playing this game over your sleeping time.

Gameplay - You grab the Microphone provided, you sing. If you have a Dance Pad, you can enter Sing and Dance mode to show off your dancing skills while you sing. There are note tubes showing you what kind of pitch your supposed to use while singing that lyric. Karaoke Revolution Party is quite creative with it's magical singing style. 10/10

Graphics - With improved Graphics that look more Adult like, the graphics improved from the Original Karaoke Revolution. When you get a Crowd Boost, sparkling aura depending on the Character's Gender, it shows a colourful aura around your character as you sing. It adds spark to your singing, not just singing and watching your character. There is sparkling aura with colour! O_O Still, could be improved. 9/10

Sound - It's a Rhythm/Music Game! Duh! The music chosen has plenty of different moods. Music is provided everywhere in the game. It all has plenty of different reactions as you listen. The sound is marvelous. 10/10

Value - Costing $57 at first, sure! Why not? It's the only GameCube version you have! Also, everything about Karaoke Revolution Party covers most of the price. But including the GST and all those other taxes. It costs $63.95! Oh my god! But still, the game only covers 80% of the price I paid. So 20% of my precious money was wasted on Karaoke Revolution Party. Now I hate Karaoke Revolution Party because I lost so much money. 8/10

Reviewer's Tilt - Although the price to me was over board. The game covers most of it. It's really fun, with different emotions throughout the game. Some happy emotions, some pissed emotions. It's still recommended. It's recommended if you pay somewhere between $50-$60. It's 100% Recommended. 9/10