Decent fun at a party..

User Rating: 6 | Karaoke Revolution Party PS2
I recently got this game after I had purchased the american idol version of the same game. Suffice it to say I should have stood at the american idol version. I am not going to say this is a bad game but its strictly party favor and not much else. I cannot see you popping this game into your PS2 and playing it alone. The american idol game gives you something to play for. Actually winning american idol as opposed to just.. uhm.. singing. The basic premise of the game is to sing a song along with another singer. The closer you come to their tone and pitch the higher you score. Its just singing with nothing much gained except for the unlockables. You sing away and unlock various things the higher you score. One thing about this game is the songs are hard. There are a few basic songs but the song selections here are difficult. There are two mini games included in this game as well as the usual karoake play. This game is fun at times but not much replayablity especially when you are alone. The whole fun of the game is at a party seeing people trying to sing the very difficult songs. Graphics are not much just the person you pick to represent you singing the song. The songs are song by cover artists that sound close to the originals. The game is ok if you can get it cheap but not worth a full price purchase.