Good times

User Rating: 9.5 | Karaoke Revolution Party XBOX
This is basically the same as the first game, with more songs and a duets mode. You sing along with a song trying to get as pitch close to the originals (these are not done by the original musicians) as possible. You get points, and if you can keep it up well you get song boosts that raise the scores. You can costumize your singer, male or female, white , black , or Asian. to a great degree as a matter of fact. My favorite was my kids made me with my old 80's heavy metal haircut, complete with receding hairline and ponch belly. The song listing is huge and diverse so you are bound to find a few songs in there you can love. Unless you have an open mind to music, than you can love them all. Over all it is a great party game, or just a bunch of fun for the family.