Get ready for some fun!... if you can get the hang of it

User Rating: 9 | Karaoke Revolution Party GC
First off, if you get this game, and you havent played these kinda games before.... Get ready for a challenge, because this game is HARD. For me it took awile to get the hang of it, but once i did, i can get really good scores on most songs. This game is really fun and a great game with friends and you can play it for a super long time. There is a long list of songs, including my favorite, play that funky music, and they are all rated in difficulty. Really i find that it dosent matter what the difficulty is, its if the pitch of your voice can match the songs, which is harder than others, but some very difficult songs turn out easy. the only bad thing about this game, is the fact that when singing, it dosent matter about the words or how loud you sing, its about the pitch of your voice so unfortunatly you can just scream or barly hum into the mic, cyhanging ur pitch, and end up getting a perfect score other than that, a great game that you can enjoy... only if you get the hang of it.