Decent like a third person shooter must be.

User Rating: 8 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC
Once, I played Reservoir Dogs and felt very happy for playing something adapted from a Tarantino movie. The game wasn't caring about being the best game in the world, those who played that certainly knew that it was a rendition to one of the greatest movies ever (IMHO).

That's just what I felt when I played Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. I felt like playing an adaption of a Tarantino movie. A good one, though. Adrenaline shots to revive you when you get down, lots of shoot-outs on the streets, lots of twists in the plot, everything is just in its right place!

Graphics are not astonishing but they do their job very well, I loved the nightclub and the subway stages. Gameplay it's ok, too. However, stages are kinda short and you can beat this game in less than 10 hours easily.

Avoid all of this bad reviewing and give this game a try, you won't regret it.