Kane & Lynch: Dead Men delivers an engrossing storyline but somewhat simplistic third-person shooter gameplay.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men was released back in November of 2007 and created a bit of a controversy when it was suspected that Eidos pressured GameSpot to fire one of its reviewers for giving the game a somewhat mediocre rating. As for the game itself, K & M features one of the best stories I've ever seen, unique due to its cinematic nature. It revolves around 2 convicts named Kane and Lynch who are suddenly broken out of prison and are forced to work together or else Kane's family dies. The relationship between these two men is very compelling and the dialogue (laced with profanity) is very real and well-written. Suffice to say, you gotta play it to see it. However, I must say that Eidos and IO focused TOO much on the story, leaving the gameplay somewhat simplistic. The best analogy for the gameplay would be Gears of War; K & M is a third-person shooter where you'll have to take cover frequently with some squad tactics thrown in. There's no button to take cover, but Kane (or Lynch if co-op) will automatically "snap" to cover. This frees you up and lets you concentrate on taking out your enemies, of which there are many. The graphics aren't incredibly detailed but they get the job done. There's a lot of environments between the chapters and the character models are pretty detailed. The sound is great; the music is produced by Jesper Kyd (of Hitman fame) and the voice actors are very convincing in their performance. The game starts off easy but by the final 5 or so chapters, the difficulty gets increased greatly, so you might get frustrated with some parts but it is doable. This is very good game and although the gameplay isn't that great, you should still play it for the story. Make sure to check out the demo!