The creators of Hitman tries something new, and they sucsess

User Rating: 8 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC
The Game:

Kane&Lynch starts with you in a van on the road to jail.You're thinking about your daughter and your wife.Suddenly Lynch says: "cover your head", you are confused and you say: "what?", Lynch repeats and says: "Just cover your damn head!".Lynch got you out of the vehicle.In Kane&Lynch: Dead Men you're escaping from prison to get a group called: The 7.In past you did some terrible things, and you betrayed The 7.Now they got your daughter and your wife.


In the whole game you're escaping from the police, and the target is to get The 7.It's a very good story that drags you into the game, and you feel like you are in the game.The graphics and the sound are both very impressing.Many good details in the game, and the sound is incredible if you have a good speaker system.But, there is very little variation on the game-play, and after you have finished the game you feel like the whole game was just shooting and escaping.Also an other thing that disappointed me was the durability.After just a couple of hours it suddenly ends.When you've finished the game you ask yourself: "was that all?", and that's very disappointing.But it's a great game, and if you got a little extra money you should go down and buy it.