OMG... They Released This??

User Rating: 1.5 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PS3
Wow. F this and F that, and holy F, I cant take it any more.

Simply put, one of the worst games made in the last decade.

Do yourself a favor and purchase Call of Duty 4.

When you aim your gun, you would think you just 'might' hit what you are aiming at. Right? RIGHT? Haha, no. Not in this game. When I hit what I was aiming at, it was a relief i should not have had to experience every time.

This game is the perfect example of why everyone should ALWAYS read the reviews before buying. My roommate traded CoD4 for this, and I begged him to trade it back after trying to play it, until it was too painful to contuinue.

I dont care about the story, I dont care about the game. If someone ever tells me they think this game is good, I will belive they are imcompetent of making an intelligent decision.

With all the advertising money they spent, you might think some of the funds might have went into producing something of quality. Not here. All budget went to advertising, and they are raking it in, because people belive the hype.

Shame on you Eidos. Shame on you.