Kane and Lynch 2 : Dog Days does everything possibly wrong and ends up making the player feel sick to their stomach.

User Rating: 1.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days X360
Oh God. Kane and Lynch 2 : Dog Days. No! NO! LET THE NIGHTMARE END!

Presentation : The main gimmick of K&L2 is that the camera is a handheld recorder held by some guy that was apparently drunk off his rockets and had 50 bong hits before the game started because after finishing this game, I felt nauseated and literally sick and had a splitting headache afterwards. No game should make you feel seriously ill after playing it. NEGATIVE 1/10

Story : Generic as balls. 3/10

Audio : Mediocre acting and generic gun sounds. Yawn. 3/10

Graphics : Murky, everyone looks like a blob, and overall **** 1.5/10

Gameplay : The most boring 3rd person shooter you could ever find. 2/10

Length : 3.5 hours. 3.5 hours. At least it ended before I died from boredom and sickness. 1/10

Overall : 1.5/10 - Excruciating