Kane & Lynch are back in a darker and more adult underworld, though there isn't much there.

User Rating: 6.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days X360
Kane & Lynch are back in a darker and more adult underworld. Kane, who you played in the first game, is mercenary who was convicted of killing tens of innocent people for which he deny's. Lynch, who met Kane when he bust him out of death row, is a schizophrenic who is believed to have murdered his own wife. Kane reluctantly teams back up with Lynch for a final job, this time you play as Lynch. However on a routine job in downtown Shanghai, they unknowingly start a mob war with them as the targets.

Story – 6.5/10
The story is not the most modern and deep I have seen. However you do see the character's as human, vulnerable, sometimes caring and often violent outsiders. Which does develop the character's more than the original game, however the story line is not full of many twists or shock values. The two are anti-heroes who are depicted as gritty, dark, yet human criminals. The portrayal of the characters and underworld stays true to that nature with non-heroics and sometimes cowardly actions.

Gameplay – 6/10
The camera and story portrayal is inspired by what they call the 'Youtube look', it uses basic hand held camera and amateur style camera quality to depict the story. While not in combat the camera becomes very shaky and amateurish, however once in combat it seamlessly goes back to typical third person shooter with clear aiming. The game uses a basic third person shooter layout with a cover system. The weapons available are good enough and relatively varied.You're also able to swap with weapons you find on bodies. Explosives are used often and are an extremely fun method of killing, you can pick up explosive items, throw them, and if you shoot it auto locks onto the explosive and causes some damage and stuns.

Graphics/Sound – 8/10
With large explosions the camera, fitting with the amateurish 'Youtube style', uses this moment to seamlessly appear when you're stunned. Instead of just showing you fall about, the camera becomes very broken up, glitchy and erratic for a shot time. This is a very interesting way of depicting character moods and health, it often uses this 'Youtube' style to depict the story in a more vibrant way. Other methods of the 'Youtube' inspiration is shown when enemy's are shot in the head, rather than showing the wound; it blur's out the image in a similar style as Cop shows. While it may sound strange or uninteresting I personally thought it was a refreshing way of depicting the storyline and violence that suited the characters and theme.

The actually depiction of the story telling for me was one of the games main features. The general graphics of the game are good enough, however sound I did find an issue, when characters spoke outside of cinematic's it was not timed well or looked realistic.

Online – 6.5/10
The multiplayer, Fragile Alliance, has enough players that you wont have too much trouble finding people to play. However it does not contain typical Team vs Team, the game has its own take on these listed & explained below. The multiplayer is done through a lobby system in which you can pick which game you specifically want to join. You can customise your online character with upgradable weapons and masks, though it is nothing I found to be very interesting. I found the online to be enjoyable however, the main issue I have with it is that there was nothing that I thought was addictive or made me want to return time after time.

The multiplayer are three types of the same game with Police controlled by the game, who attempt to stop players stealing money.

Fragile Alliance is the basic and original Kan & Lynch multiplayer, it consists of 6 to 8 players who are robbing a bank. Each player picks up their own amount of money and once the level is passed the money is shared equally. However, if a player decides their own amount of money is too great and does not want to share, they may turn on other players and kill them. This makes them a target for both the entire players and the AI police. The game warns and highlights the players when a traitor has formed.

Undercover Cop adds extra tension, the same as Fragile Alliance, players commit a robbery and can turn on their team. However one player is randomly chosen and is an undercover cop, this means they must act like a criminal, stealing money ect. The cop as 4 minutes to kill all criminals, can only kill criminals when they have committed crimes and the game will not alert players to the undercover cops kills. The police will also not open fire on the undercover cop.

Cops & Robbers mode is the most like Team vs Team, 12 players, 6 Cops 6 Robbers. The robbers have to steal the money like normal, however this time cops are controlled by other people making it harder. Cops are given unlimited lives however if you die as a robber you switch over to a cop and can receive bonus points for killing robbers who may have turned on you.

Overall 6.5/10
Overall this game is directed and depicts the story in great depth and with a raw cinematic feel. The shooting and general gameplay is basic enough, however it does feel over used and plain with the same old third-person and cover system. Though I didn't find it to be anything that made the game bad. The story is rather flat however and doesn't inspire much care for the characters we see, however it does show them in a more human light.

The game is good, the main flaw in the game is that I've never found it be a game I want to play over and over again, I enjoyed the game and I would recommend it if you have some spare cash I would recommend it.

Hope this was helpful!