(Short review) Painfully average.

User Rating: 6.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PC
Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days (KLDD) is one of those games where, you have an ambitious game. It wants to be special. It wants to be the grittiest, most viscerally realistic game around.

It's one of the reasons why I liked the first one so much. It had great characters, dialogue and story but was hampered by shoddy gameplay and broken squad mechanics.

The more I think about this game, the more I think it should have been a movie. This game has double the running time of the average movie runtime, and I honestly think it would do well at the box office if it would get a good screenplay and actors. Just make this game into a movie.

I would understand if people wouldn't like this game (or franchise) but I don't understand the massive hate behind it. It's just short, it has generic Gears of War gameplay mechanics, it has throwaway multiplayer and it has the most awful ending in a videogame since Borderlands. All of this makes it a painfully average game.

What I do like about this game is the look of it. As you probably know, everything looks like it's been shot with a cheap camcorder and put onto YouTube in 240p. It looks frigging fantastic and very authentic and I do really love it. It would fit a game in the style of Heavy Rain or Indigo Prophecy but not an intense action game.

If a Kane & Lynch 3 is ever made, I would definately buy it, regardless of review scores because of it's charismatic characters and dialogue. But that's just me.

Perhaps developers (not just IO Interactive) should consider cutting a chunck of the game's asking price on release before charging us full price for a game like this. I mean, the developers do know regular gamers ARE going to finish this in an afternoon, right?