Good to know it

User Rating: 7.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days X360

I never played Kane and Lynch Dead man and I was not so much excited about Kane and Lynch dog days too. But after finishing it, I found myself happy. First of all, it has a new look, like being shot by the steady cam by an amateur camera man in very bad conditions. It's a new ways to jump into the action because it produces much more intense and violence, the scene of being there. The graphics are good and match with what I expected from Square Enix. There is a good covering system, when you hit, blood splattered on the camera and it shakes. Actually it was not so much hard to take out enemies in most of the times and it would become much enjoyable if u use a good weapon. There is good variety of guns and they have different fire powers. The main two characters seem too desperate at some points but they could pass their bad time. But I didn't understand why the whole city of Shanghai was after them, even the SWATs and the army. The ending was so hurry and it felt like u just should some bad guys as soon as possible, and there it is, the end.

It's a violent game with realistic feeling. There is good action but it seems pointless after an hour. Especially when we have two main characters with no Charisma. This game delivers a kind of feeling that make you feel that every single person in this game is a vermin, a prick which only deserves a bullet. As Lynch, I shut everyone in my way, like a blind dog don't know bites who. But as whole I found this game better than I expected but it could be more memorable if it had better story and ending. Just walk and shoot.