C'mon dudes!?! what's your problem??

User Rating: 8.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PS3
Ok, so I read dozens of reviews of this game and the most common complaint is that is too short...same complaint as the dudes here from gamespot. Let me tell you all, either you guys have been brainwashed or you guys just don't like to read or you are just plain haters.

First off, this is a very good game, very well thought and it does have a downside, but it has nothing to do with the lenght of the game...want to know why? just read the back of the cartridge and it says in bold letters..."a 48hrs thrill ride"...something like that....Yes, you are going to say now, i don't have the cartridge in front of me when i got this game, so how would i know...by reading the REVIEWS! That's the second thing most reviews have, a detailed explanation no the story and by that no way this game could be extended for a 20hr plus experience.

And the third complaint, the price tag at the time this game came out ($60)...well i agree with you, then again, the same short and boring Call of Duty games are 4hrs or less single player campaigns for the same price...so it's a matter of taste (or multiplayer).

Now, on regards to the game, i must say it's a very good game...with a really good story and it sucks you in...to the point in which you really start to feel the pressure kane and lynch are going through. Probably that's why the game is short...just like in real life, when really bad to worse to crap situations occur, it only takes a fraction of a second for them to happen. And when they unfold completely, and you have turned that page of the book in your life, and look back...you will notice it only took some part of your time.

Yes, you might have lost or broken a leg today for example, but 20 or 30 years ago you had your leg and you were doing a whole bunch of stuff, and now you have to adapt..get it? Lynch wanted to do this deal to set him and Kane for the remainding parts of their lives, and everything was ok, until a bullet or two got fired on the wrong direction...both Kane & Lynch were looking forward to the better life they had prior to their respective reckless misadventures, cuz lately they were having a real tough time to turn the page. If you are following the story, believe me you will feel the strain this dudes are packing. This is the strong point of the game to be honest...really compelling story...that is if you like stories about guys who have gone wrong and are looking for a break to have some type of peace of mind.

Gameplay is good too...i understand and like the fact the enemies can take lead as much as you...as a matter of fact, they can take the heat depending on the distance from where you shoot. If you are up close, it's like butter, from afar, they are like robocop. Simple nice and easy. Plus, the both enemy and partner AI is really smart. Now the on the bad, no melee attacks when up close. If this game had like punches or kicks or whatever, this game would rock...but just the way it is, its ok.
Repetetive? yes, it is. Probably other objectives or drive missions would have done the trick...but the shooting is so intense, i don't even mind.

Replay...short game, so probably would try to unlock the medals stuff or try to play it on harder levels and do the online fighting

Online...tried it once and had tons of fun...but i cannot provide a detailed review on this topic, sihce i only took one run at it.

Graphics...nice, they work and the camera effect is just amazing. They say it grows old...to me it's awesome...again, it's just a matter of taste.

In the end, great crime story....really tense and if you are willing to try it, it will suck you in. For the low price they are selling it right now, i don't see why not...you can also try the demo. For me the demo for this game is really on the spot, so if you like the demo, you can buy the game.

This game has a nice story (if you like topics related to crime, the rise of the underdog, the people that live life on the underground of society, that sort of stuff), fun shooting, and good to regular online mode. If this story is not of your interest, you SHOULD NOT try this game, that simple. For spoilers check the reviews previous to this one, or wikipedia it.

See ya!