Kane and Lynch 2: Dog days review.

User Rating: 7 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days X360
kane any lynch 2 DOG DAYS REVIEW SP game review

The original Kane and lynch wasn't exactly a success. From the controversial review on Gamespot, all the way to it's mediocre meta critic rating. Kane and lynchs start to the videogame world hasn't be a smooth one, but Kane any lynch 2 offers a different take.

Visual style.

Kane and lynch 2 tries to be different, with a new visual style. The game is described as having a new visual style inspired by documentary films and user-generated content, and it delivers. The different look is so fresh and different. I applaud the developers for trying a different style.


Dog Days has players take control of James Seth Lynch for most of the game (while the second player in co-op is Adam "Kane" Marcus). After the Venezuela incident in Dead Men, both Kane and Lynch part ways. Lynch starts a new life in Shanghai with a girlfriend named Xiu although being involved in a crime organization led by English-born ex-pat Glazer. After Glazer tells Lynch about a high paying operation involving smuggling guns to Africa, Lynch calls Kane for aid in return for a split in the deal. Not only the job would help them retire but also benefit Kane's estranged daughter Jenny (who survived the events in Dead Men).

The story for me was good. I did like the scene where lynch is...spoilers incoming...naked. Yes, he is naked. In this scene he has to get to lynch, and i found this slightly disturbing, but violent, and exactly what this game is all about

The voice acting is good, but far too much swearing for my liking. This games story is really all about shooting cops and bad guys, and going to the next place, and shooting more..

The length of K&L2 is the BIGGEST flaw with the whole game. I must of completed this game withing 4 hours, maybe less.


K&2's controls are solid. The shooting mechanics take some time to get used to at first, but then you realize it's verging on a realistic, with shots in bursts. Some think it's broken, i myself found it fine.

The cover sytem even works pretty well (surprise)

In closing - K&L2 is a better game than the first. The innovative style along with a decent SP campaign is the right way forward. However, the terribly short SP means you're better off just renting this one. There is a arcade mode for practice for MP, but this won't add. The MP is something i didn't try, because i just didn't see the need for it, and i'm a SP guy.

Overall, this is a solid rental