Horrible Game! 5 hours to beat story mode, boring story, boring guns, no character depth and full of glitches.

User Rating: 4 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days X360
Just played this with my roommate and beat co-op campaign mode. We had no idea what was going on story wise most of the time. There was no character depth and no explanation of why you were running around and fighting these missions. It was just "I hate this guy, kill him" Nothing felt satisfing because I didn't know why any of these people deserved to die except for the fact that they're shooting at me.

We started playing at 10 pm and were done by 2am and that included taking breaks here and there. I never played a game that I looked so forward to beating just so it would end and I could trade it back at the store.

All the guns are basically a shotgun, an automatic and a pistol. There's really no difference in any of the variations of those types. There's also a machine gun and a sniper rifle but they are usually scarce on ammo and rarely found. I did appreciate that instead of grenades you would find gas containers and thrown them then shoot them causing a large blast. It was effective against groups but I would of love having a grenade.

Kane and Lynch 2 was FULL OF GLITCHES! In the 4 hours we played my roommate and I had to reboot our systems twice. I would try to grab an enemy while the prompt was up and it wouldn't work, but then the enemy would shot me in the head and kill me instead. My friend had moments when his guns would just disappear and he couldn't pick any up. Another time I revived my friend and he still just laid there and couldn't move so we had to return to the checkpoint; shortly after for some reason the game would not let us join the private match we created until we both did full reboots on our systems. The icing on the cake was after we beat the game my roommates game glitched right at the very quick and boring end cut-scene and he never got the final achievement but I did.

6.5 is an understatement. That rating is for games that are worth playing through once and are enjoyable but not much replay value and such.

I gave this game a 4.0. I'm still shaking off the frustration of that game which as I type was about an hour ago. Big disappointment. I did enjoy the cut scenes and the graphics were pretty good but seriously: a polished turd is still just a turd. Go tell your mother.