Everything that made Kane and Lynch at least passable is removed in this game, and what's left is a shoddy rip off

User Rating: 5.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days X360
I was a big fan of the original Kane and Lynch game. Despite all its criticisms, I felt like the game really put me in the vein of movies like Heat, and at the time, the Fragile Alliance multiplayer was really a great and innovative mode to the deathmatch that everybody was doing at the time. If there was one major gripe I had, it was that the story was a little hard to follow at times, and, if I may add one more, the lack of split screen co-op was disappointing as well. However, it certainly was a good game in its own right, not stellar, but good. You can imagine my surprise when they came out with Kane and Lynch 2, a game that probably shouldn't have existed with the ratings the original got. Nevertheless, I picked it up, for a low price, which seemed a bit weird to me, as games released around the same time like Mafia 2 were still around full price. Undeterred, I got home, played the game, single player first as is my routine, and just sat there. I must say, the game was not only worse than Kane and Lynch Dead Men, but probably one of the shoddiest rip offs of a genre.

Why worse than the original you say? Well, some of the problems, like the cover system and the guns are now fixed, but in the process, the story isn't even there, and the gameplay is basically Gears of War - apocalypse setting. You now get to play as Lynch, the more interesting of the duo, but the dialogue he's given probably would have been okay in 2001, not 2010. During a firefight, Lynch will yell "KANE! KANE!" for really no apparent reason, or say "damnit" randomly. I've even heard him just growling, and while I realize that he's a psychopath, I'm sure it doesn't make for a great game. For newcomers to the series, you get absolute ZILCH reference to the original, almost as if the developers created a new IP and just left the original to die. Except for 2-3 references to Kane's daughter, Lynch's psychopathy and drug abuse isn't even mentioned. In fact, it just appears that the developers made the two into random gangsters. Everything has been dumbed down, the weapons are bland, teammates are gone, the setting is exactly the same, and worse, the story is non existant. Basically -spoiler alert- Lynch and Kane kill a mob bosses' daughter, he goes out on a revenge plot against them, they kill him, and go back home. Sure, there's other characters along the way, but the voice acting is terrible for Lynch and everyone but Kane, so its very bland.

I realize that the last game had its fair share of problems, but to take EVERYTHING out was just wrong. Basically, like all third person shooters these days, you'll be taking cover a lot, blind firing, etc. The multiplayer is interesting, but a bit dull, because there's not really a huge incentive to go traitor, because everyone will be gunning for you. Certainly the multiplayer takes strategy, but as a whole, the game just FAILS>