An underfunded masterpiece

User Rating: 7 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PC
Well, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is really a continuation of the original game, starting off with a continuation of the story of these two characters, not literally, but episodically, seemlessly reintroducing us to these outworldly, yet familiar stains within our urban communities.

Yes, both Kane and Lynch have much to dislike about them; their ruthlessness and brass balls whilst retaining a personality unlike the base animals they resemble throughout their banter, harsh logic and the weapon wielding mayhem created throughout the short single player campaign.

For anyone who has played the first game, you will once again appreciate the swearing and constantly bickering criminal main playerable characters and be taken on, as stated, a short, yet intense ride. Perhaps a more condensed and stylisied sequal to Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

The graphics have not taken a step to the future; indeed, even at the highest settings, the almost plasticy character models at times look worse than the original. I must admit, I was impressed with the original at times; zoomed into Kane's face and the zombie-like stare of his 'white-eye' would make me stop and think why detail wasn't as consistant with the world around them, the vehicles and the animations of the characters. With Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, I tried to repeat this and to my immediate dismay, I noted the blurryness of Kane's sideburns, clearly not to be viewed at monitor distance.

In seeming replacement for the slight deterioation of the quality of this obviously ported graphical insult, the designers have gone for a 'Cam-Held' look, with the obligatory jerky-two-pace-behind the-main-character position, occasional lense flares and moments of colour over-saturation including digital anomolies. In this way, they have wasted a golden opportunity to repair any damage that might have been done by the infamous incident seen here live at Gamespot. By improving upon the detailed character models from the first game, combining the unique camera perspective, whilst doing what they should have done originally; applying loving detail to the surroundings of the main chracters. This was just one of the issues with this game that stopped it from reaching an avengeful perfect 10.

I, as a PC gamer am lucky enough to be able to afford to purchase within reason a PC with up to date capabilities, utilise all of the benefits of doing so, such as using wireless controllors for certain games, plugging my pc into my 50inch HDTV and streaming the sounds through my 5.1 home Cinema system, enjoying the comfort of a soft couch with the lights at a mellow pitch.

One of the failings of PC gaming is the isolational aspects, improved by the inlcusion of Offline Co-Op, contained within the original Kane and Lynch game. It enabled me to play the game like a superconsole with my friends. Kane and Lynch 2:Dog Days removes this aspect of the game, enabling Co-Op requires Lan or online: One of the selling points of the original - gone. Gone without comment, explanation, or apparent concern. Another opportunity wasted.

Playing online Multiplayer brings with it a return of Fragile Alliance. But alas! The lack of dedicated servers within the original, making the game almost impossible to play this sparsley populated online game with anyone else. Joining a Steam Group helps, but you'll soon be 'friends' with people constantly wanting to contact you through Steam in order to play yet another round of increasingly tiresome rapidly participant diminishing Multiplayer, a couple of whom had agreed to join only to help the few online start up a game with a wildly optomistic 'minimum player' start criterea. Dog Days repeats these problems, apparantley unconcerned. No doubt these issues will continue to be unaddressed like the original leaving buyers sadly disappointed with a potentially game-retrieving part of the product.

Yet, it seems that I like the game. Well, not really the game. You see, if these were any other people, any other generic 'hero', then perhaps I would laugh at the crude and cheap looking production values and un-valve-like abismal customer rapor in relation to the quality of the final product.

No, it is the very characters, that some see as too crude, too coarse, too different and perhaps too ugly, these are the main strengths of the game, the story, voice-acting and characterisations are the heartbeat and soul, the diamonds in the rough anti-heroes save the game from undoubtably a poor-mans 4.5 score and in my case has lifted it by its collars toward the sky, a 7.0

If only it had been given a greater budget, the programmers more skilled, their focus groups populated.. If only.

It could've-beens don't count because we have this game now, its what it is, that's what I've described.

Essentially, an underfunded masterpiece.