This game is good, still have problems.

User Rating: 5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PC
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Game is perfect, story isn't bad as most of people said!

Graphics Rate = 6.0
Graphics in this game hurts eyes, also while running things go crazy and the camera keeps shaking that helps hurt the eyes.

Weapons and Reloading = 8.5
Weapons are good, reloading is perfect!
Lets take GTA IV as example: Reloading in GTA IV is bad, why? if you just focus carefully on the RPG's reloading or any other weapons...the character takes the bullets from his packets...and this makes the game unrealistic unlike K&L 2 Dog Days!

Characters/Blurs on sexual contents and dead bodies = 9.0
Very very cool things has been made by the developers of K&L 2.

Anti-Cheat [Steam] = 2.0
Steam isn't good! Bad program...and it was better if they made K&L 2 on Windows Games For Windows LIVE.
Steam takes 2 months to ban players and also there is no Un-ban! and this means "You are wasting your MONEY!" and even if you was innocent you might get a false ban at any time just like what happened to me in Modern Warfare 2.