That's it?!

User Rating: 5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PC
This game was the most disappointing I've played in long while. It's hard to see how anyone can give this title a high score - because if you're into this sort of games, it's clear that this game is far from polished, while if you're just interested, well, your interest will probably falter very very quickly. I enjoyed the the first 20% of the game, to be honest. But seriously, besides the cool graphics (not amazing, but pretty decent), the game gets old very fast. Firstly, the plot is thin - and to add to that, it's not even presented properly. There are no twists, no "edge of your seat" thrills - the voice acting is lame, and the dialogue between Kane and Lynch are stupid - they both sound like stupid people who shouldn't be able to survive one minute in any conflict! There was absolutely no connection between me and my character, because my character was so artificial that it was a total disaster. I mean, there were parts which would have been great to pull in a stealth mode (and it would have made sense to spice up the "action"), but then, feet away from the bad guys, one of the characters (not even sure if it was Kane or Lynch since they both sound equally stupid and bad), yells out "oh SH*T! Not again!" (a line which I must have heard a 100x and yes, I agreed... Anyway, this is a lame, linear, forgettable rail shooter. Run, run, shoot, shoot, swear and sound like a stupid zoo monkey, then run again and shoot again - the fun factor evaporates faster than you can finish your first cup of coffee... Really. It's that lame. The controls are fine, though fighting at the end, inside the luggage depot was a disaster! The camera was messed up and while it was an intense gun-fight, I died many times because my character blocked my view of where I was shooting. It was nuts! Oh, and let me tell you - this game has the WORST ending e.v.e.r.!!!! There is no ending - it's like the Eidos gave out a memo one day and said "immediately stop working on this title". And the creators had 5 minutes to quickly wrap things up. You will see this if you actually complete the game, and you will agree!

This game is a waste of money, waste of time and waste of your life. Play it for about an hour, then do yourself a favour and stop. The game will not change at all, so have no hopes. Perhaps the chopper part is worth keep playing, but that's a 10 minute thrill, and that's about it.

Good luck and thanks for reading this. Cheers!!!!