This game was good at first but then it sank

User Rating: 5.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PS3
So when I bought this game is was cheap so I spent maybe 5 quid on it. I took it home and started the campaign, played the first mission. It was weird because it has the same things going on as any 3rd person shooter. About halfway through the first mission I was bored. The thing is with its campaign each and every mission drags on y about half an hour. Its just too alike. However the thing is with most other 3rd person shooters they all have something special, unique just to that game. K&L2 doesn't. The multiplayer also gets boring after 1 round therefore causing you to leave and come off the game. One good aspect of the game is that the graphics are really good quality. But whats the point having great graphics for a game nobody can be bothered to complete? At first it seemed pretty good but if there is another addition to the series they need to think about how not to bore someone to death.