Looks average, but has a lot of remarkable features

User Rating: 8 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PC
Technically it is not satisfying. The control is awkward, and some serious bugs really affect the experience. The length is also a big flaw. If you are very good at shoot, you would complete the entire story in 6 hours. However, I do like this game overall because the style of the graphics is very unique and worth looking. It feels like I am really in China. Of course, I have to tell everyone that now Shanghai is far more beautiful than it looks in the game, the scene is actually more like old Shanghai or other old Chinese cities, but it does remind me of my childhood in China (except the violent part, because my hometown is very peaceful). Therefore, this game surely would not be praised by most gamers, but if you really like the kind of style, especially the graphics, you would find much meat. I would give the graphics a score of 9 or even 9.5!