Pad braking game. It's so bad it's actually hurts to play it. This is the worst game I have played so far

User Rating: 3.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PS3
I'm not kind of guy who easily gets frustrated by games (especially by games!). Well this game not only got my frustrated it also got me angry. How can anyone make a game so unfinished so broken...

K&L is very very easy and impossibly hard at once. There are places where you will die for like a 100 times cause screenplay does not allow you to get behind different cover than one that developer have prepared. So usually you have to stick to one place as enemies will always run to you. It took me a while to figure it out, that game can be so stupid.
Another thing is camera. I know it supposed to be like camera men is running right behind main character bu instead it was very annoying as you couldn't see what is going on.

The idea was not bad. The thing with charismatic cap, and his partner... Cool stuff but game is so purely designed that often you end up thinking "how can developer, guys who are paid to make good game, can do such a mess"

This was the worst game I have ever played.