One of the best adventure games ever

User Rating: 9.1 | Kameo: Elements of Power X360
Rare is one of my favorite gaming companys I will be sad to see them go but this game is one of the reasons that they are on of my favs.The story is about a fairy named kameo who loses all of her elemental warriors and has to get them back and save her family.The elemental warriors are very cool but some of them feel kinda useless but nether the less there are all still very cool. The game play is down right fun yes you will see some of the same enemys from time to time but with all of the different warriors to collect it wont bother you.The world is in this game is beautiful and vibrant.The only problem with this game is,is that it is to short you will finish this game in about 10-13 hours but if you are looking for a great adventure game for you xbox360 this is it