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So, I've been playing this game and pretty much loving it. I consider it Rare's last great game. However, upon getting to the Sulfur Cavern in Snowtop Village, a HUGELY flawed mechanic comes into play. All it wants me to do is roll an explosive egg over to a rock before it explodes in a reasonable amount of time. Sounds pretty simple, right? That's when the shit kicks in. You see, Kameo and all of her transformations have very physics based controls, unlike Zelda. This means that it takes a bit to build up momentum before running and she has to slow down for a second before stopping. This game mechanic does not go hand in hand at ALL with these controls. If I don't run towards the egg at JUST the right moment, Kameo will miss the egg and have to take a second to stop, then build the momentum to turn around, and try again. Keep in mind that while this happens, the egg is on a strict time limit to explode. This is a TERRIBLE design choice. Why the hell would you put something like this in a game based on physics? I have a feeling that the people at Rare in 2005 must have been inexperienced at game design. I highly doubt something like this would appear in any AAA Nintendo release. This game obviously needed more polish than it received, which is sad, because it had the potential to be amazing. Rant over.